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Are you tired of ants in your bathrooms and kitchen? Have you admitted defeat in the fight against fire ant mounds in the backyard, spiders, crickets, earwigs, silverfish and lots of other bugs inside your house? Do you kill one or two bugs only to find three or more later? You may have an infestation! SummitPest Control, Inc., will help you get rid of your annoying company.

We furnish residential and commercial pest control services for all ordinary pests, as well as trapping and managing of critters such as squirrels, raccoons, and opossums.

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You neednít co-habitate with termites any longer! With more than fifteen yrs. of practice, we have an established history of satisfaction and exceptional service. For the best service at the best price, call Summit Pest Control Inc.

Summit Pest Control Inc. is an independent, family owned establishment offering complete extermination and pest control services for housing and business buildings in Dallas, TX and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our highly trained technicians will deal with all your pest control difficulties, so you can preserve a reliable and healthful home for your family.

Our environmentally friendly, green pest control procedures and our skilled, professionally-taught technicians and specialists permit us to resolve ant, roach, termite, silverfish, spider, rat, mice, pigeon, yellow jacket, ear wig, and tick invasions in and around your house or office.

Our pest control specialists employ only state of the art pest control tool which permits us to get your house or industrial property pest free quickly with no harmful chemicals. Rodents and insects in your residence are not just an annoyance, but can present some serious health difficulties as well. Summit Pest Control Inc.'s professionals are vastly capable to analyze the exact pest control problem and create a program to purge your house, office, or industrial property of the pest infestation.

We Offer Our Customers:

Defense and Safekeeping from Household Pests

Pest Control Services that are Budget-Concious, Expert, & Pleasant

Peace of Mind that comes along with Trustworthy, Successful Pest Control


Don’t tolerate offensive pests to threaten your health, security and peace of mind!

Summit Pest Control Inc. offers integrated rodent and insect management services for residences and industrial sites, termite inspections, building inspections, WDO reports and pre-construction treatment possibilities.

Inquire about our Green Pest Control and Organic Pest Control Services.

Made to Order Insect and Rodent Control

Eradicating rodents and insects before they develop into a problem is a significant segment of both our home and business pest control programs. Our skilled technicians carry out thorough inspections of your residence or business to create a tailored pest control system that meets the requirements of your house or specific nature of business. Once carried out, the tailored pest control system will give protection against pests like ants, roaches, and rodents.